Friday, May 31, 2013

Mat, lu buat aku ter menangis

I watched this video over lunch. And...This video...just...made me...touched that I cried. I've watched this just once, but the part that made me...really think...was...have I ever cared for my friend so much that I really did something rather than just advice when they are in need? Did I really helped and cared and tell them in a correct way or...did i just wanna give them chance to realize by themselves? What if they won't have the chance to realize? 

Till then, there's a lot to share from this video...but that's the biggest impact to me. 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look back for the sake of self improvement

"Kecuali orang yang berlaku zalim yang kemudian mrngybah (dirinya) dengan kebaikan setelah kejahatan (bertaubat) ; maka sungguh, Aku Maha Pengampun Maha Penyayang"
Surah An Naml : 11

Tears drying, but we are still hating each other

Hello Assalamualaikum. I could see the Sun is starting to shine after few days of hiding away from us.  Now I have realized the bright sunny day is a blessing. :-)


Its pretty stressful and saddening to hear about the problems we have in this world.

A very popular clothing lines, Abercrombie & Fitch, recently has made a statement  that they wont be giving the defect clothes to those who are poor, they infact, would rather burn  it. How sad is that. Lets just put our mind and soul in the shoes of the poor people. For just few seconds. Could you imagine our life just like their life? Wake up.

Just a few days ago, there was a violent attack to a random brits,
killed a young army here. So happen the guy who did it mentioned the phrase Allahuakbar and they brought up the issue of Terrorist=Islam. I want to quote a statement made by a muslim who I have watched recently he was talking about this incident, he said, "If im a vegetarian and I eat a lotttt of hamburgers, it does not make me vegetarian cuz its not what a vegetarian should do". Is the same concept as the case here. The mad man was just crazy mad guy who demonstrated a totally wrong act that was totally opposite to what Islam has taught us. Come on. Muslims this and that. The blacks this and that. After all we are just humans! Be like one.  Spread some love. Spread salam.

My prayers are with those who are oppressed in this crazy world.

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where's everyone?

I think I am matured enough to tell myself that sometimes people leavr you because Allah has planned it. Because its good. To increase out reliance to Him :) not to other people.

Or sometimes people are not there when you really need them just because...Allah wana highlight the fact he has been here, ALL THE TIME.  Its just who hasn't notice.

Blessed to be given lesson that could open my eyes. Alhamdulillah.

Finals in about 20 days. Need positive vibes.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life is just a Bridge

Just what I've read in Yasmin Mogahed's articles...she has been educating us that this life is just is just a bridge for us to cross to get to the Eternal Life. to The Real Life. This life is just a test. Crossing the bridge needs patience, faith, strength, etc. There will be ups and downs... but most importantly...for us to hold to the rope of Allah. the among the best of Slaves...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I really want to write here. I think i cant really write well in my exam practice cuz I havent write anything in my personal blog for a while, this is my field of practice. cuz i need to sit and think what to write. stimulate myself to write.

Anyway. I would like to share the experince here with photos and what not but my Blogger apps in my phone is not working, i cant help myself to sit  and transfer the pictures in my laptop cuz its really time consuming. when u sit in fornt of the laptop...ahha...only God knows suddenly you have so many agendas that pops up in your mind to fulfill using the laptop.

So yeah...Been feeling depressed, oh ya, its exam season nothing new. Normal.

I think I m my own superhero...I pick myself up. Like Hello you need to be your own hero.  yeah, you should pick yourself up. Not forgetting the strength you get is no other from your Lord! "La Hawla Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah'' (There is no power and strength except with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala). Ask from Him. Dont wait for others. because....nobody understand you more like yourself. Go back to Allah. He hears you. Sob to him cry to him.  He is the Most Merciful. he will pick you up! One of my favorite verse.

(7. And He found you unaware and guided you)
 (8. And He found you poor and made you rich) 

Surah Ad Duha 

May Allah bless my journey. I want to get as much knowledge that I could. To appreciate what You have given us ya Allah. 

'My Lord, I have wronged myself. Forgive me!'