Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I really want to write here. I think i cant really write well in my exam practice cuz I havent write anything in my personal blog for a while, this is my field of practice. cuz i need to sit and think what to write. stimulate myself to write.

Anyway. I would like to share the experince here with photos and what not but my Blogger apps in my phone is not working, i cant help myself to sit  and transfer the pictures in my laptop cuz its really time consuming. when u sit in fornt of the laptop...ahha...only God knows suddenly you have so many agendas that pops up in your mind to fulfill using the laptop.

So yeah...Been feeling depressed, oh ya, its exam season nothing new. Normal.

I think I m my own superhero...I pick myself up. Like Hello you need to be your own hero.  yeah, you should pick yourself up. Not forgetting the strength you get is no other from your Lord! "La Hawla Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah'' (There is no power and strength except with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala). Ask from Him. Dont wait for others. because....nobody understand you more like yourself. Go back to Allah. He hears you. Sob to him cry to him.  He is the Most Merciful. he will pick you up! One of my favorite verse.

(7. And He found you unaware and guided you)
 (8. And He found you poor and made you rich) 

Surah Ad Duha 

May Allah bless my journey. I want to get as much knowledge that I could. To appreciate what You have given us ya Allah. 

'My Lord, I have wronged myself. Forgive me!'

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