Sunday, July 28, 2013

You know its ............ when...

"Panjang nya luahan perasaan (problem)"
     "Dont say anything, just read"


Saturday, July 27, 2013



Its fun to attend the iftar jamaie eith malaysian communities.. to expand our contacts add menaning to life and enjoy the togetherness. ..especially enjoy the togtherness of celebrating this Holy month.

I overheard aunties sharing their stories... how they couldn't make it to perform their Hajj and all... but she said... " I see things differently, its okay "

It would be more awesome if I have learnt to accept things as what has been planned and see things differently.

See things differently,  be positive, is a must for everybody.

For a better life, healthier mind....♥

Everyone is down with fever at my place :(

Homesick level 99 perhaps? Hehe

Friday, July 26, 2013

Having my first fever after 4 months I am here.

And its Ramadhan :(

Lord have mercy on us...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Every single word he says...

Dashboard confessional

Assalamualaikum :)

As much as i don't want my blog to be personal...I still can't help it but to write it here. -.-'

So I had my first day of school today. Semester 5 of ACCA. My fourth month in the UK. First class in this holy month. Tested. Again. To be approved by 'SIRIM'. QC perhaps. Heh Heh

Probably because i didnt have enough rest. Didn't have enough sleep to begin with. only slept for 3 hours and went to class. Perhaps need to just come on time, not one hour earlier anymore.

UK is currently having its most driest season in the past few weeks. Hence, it was...too dry(again) how I wish the air conditioner is as cool what we have in Malaysia! Sorry David:( I love the way you teach and your jokes and your endless stories about your wife...but i just can't help it.

25 Acres of Lavenders. Allahuakbar
Hidup orang bujang ;/ Yogurt weight watchers?:o hahaha... Healthy sangat duduk UK -.-' 
Now i am missing Malaysia.

Never felt this bad! This is just a test. Try harder. Yes. Yes. Yes.

On the other hand...felt like crying wishing for rain...walked home...and there was droplets of water... couldn't be more thankful. Isn't God the sweetest?!

Dugaan 14th day of Ramadhan. May it be the thing that could purify us...Ameen.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cloud 9

Feeling too happy.

Cuz I am back at bro house from the place I rent.

Gotta teach myself to be independent and love to be there(the place I rent)

Haha just...I think the food at home is super nice.

Though I just sleep on a mattress.

But...I just had fried fish and lamb stew :/ just like mama would make! "Kakak, mama goreng ikan mcm mana..." hehe, just enjoying my last bits of holiday.

Went to the market with friends....gals and scarves and dresses and whatever... but it was cheap;/

P/s: layered cheese brownies I made. Inspired by Vienna cheese brownies at Secret recipe.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Siapa yang tidak adil

I find this really interesting and it is such a waste if I dont share it...

"Sabar untuk kita berlaku taat sebentar, kerna setelah apa dosa maksiat yang telah kita lakukan sebelum ini"

Tertusuk, right in the middle if the heart.

Yes. Sebab saya rasa untuk beribadah itu nampak dan rasa berat untuk hati kita. Yang... banyak murka dengan perintahNya. Kenapa?

Sebab buat dosa tu lagi senang. Sebab comforter tu lagi best dari  pergi ambil wudhuk kena jalan pegi sinki. (Now I have a sink in my room, its too awesome, I cant feel lazy anymore to brush my teeth)

Sebab...sebenarnya kan...baju jarang and cantik and baju kecik tu kan...actually...cheaper than baju untuk menutup kehormatan kita (its trueeee)

Sebab pakai handsocks socks inner whatever extra stuffs could be a burden sometimes, no more air flowing:( tapi... tahu tak.... on another part of the benefit other than just to protect ourself and as a form of ibadah, kulit kita protected too! No more cracked heels or kaki berdaki;)

And and and....

Cuci mata lagiii... best dari "lower your gaze for better days" (its summer)

Sabar lah. Sabar. Sebab janji Allah itu...sgt sgt lah. Pasti.

Yes. Kita pernah buat salah dan akan buat lagi sebab kita ni pelupa.

Kita tahu sang Pencipta itu lebih penyayang dari ibu kita sendiri.

Sebab Dia maha pengampun, Maha Mengasihani, Maha penyayang. 

Moga Allah memberi kekuatan buat kita semua.

This reminder is especially for myself. And all. :)

Ramadhan Mubarak. Ramadhan phase 2.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Truly, it is a month full with blessings.

Alhamdulillah all praise to Allah we are here on the 7th day of Ramadhan.

First time Celebrating this holy month without my parents and my sisters. This time around I am given the opportunity to fast thousands of miles away, in the west, with new friends and most importantly my brother and sister in law whom I haven't celebrate ramadhan togther in almost 10 years.

Looking at it, if people asked me, hows studying abroad, other than the adventures and fun, I am too happy to be given the opportunity to spend my time with my brother,  everyday for the past few months. He studied here and worked here ever since.  To me... its like... killing two birds with one stone.... :)

How's ramadhan so far?
I miss last year's ramadhan bcuz only then I have understood deeper about my religion and out real responsibilities as a muslim. Nahhh. Dont miss things too much. Let's create new memories.

7  days has passed. Fasting for 18 hours is still bearable during the day..its just when at night you really need to struggle to keep you really fresh to perform tarawih and other sunnah. Fajr is at 3ish and maghrib is at 9ish.

I have just discovered that the day is long and it is still not enough. Who knew I complained before... I have nothing much to dooo... now I have my time occupied alhamdulillah.  Its truly a blessing. I think its bcuz of ramadhan. Did an excellent decision to stay here!

Occupied myself with learning how to cook and bake, keep maself busy with unlimited chores, just...go for a walk at the park, do what women do best; shop, increase knowledge, we have so many things to do including get myself some rest cuz we really need to recharge for the night. Now I wish my holiday is not gonna end soon. Registered myself into quran and arabic class. I just learnt that...its not easy to memorize the quran.

Summer holiday has been fantastic so far.


Mission: do things that you wont do in Malaysia.

P/s: moved out to stay with some friends,  back to my family once a while. ♥

Friday, July 12, 2013

Forgiveness and reflection

What a start for my ramadhan.

Taught me to forgive and move on since we are not that pure anyway, Allah has hide away our mistakes.

Taught me not to judge others too much. Though we know them very well. If Allah could forgive His slaves, why shouldn't we forgive others?

They have their ups and downs in piety. Believe...that one day they will change. Yes, I do believe in that.

Because Allah is Great. He gives the guidance to those He chose.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall

Have you ever stared yourself in the mirror angrily? Reflecting what people has done to you and what you have done to yourself? 

But I know... Allah's mercy is above all. I know there will be a way.

Past is past.

P/s: first day of ramadhan.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You left

Been reading so many news regarding passing of a friend of a friend. Mother of a friend.  Someone related.

Reading would it be when my time comes?

If its my time....

Hold on your tears and lets continue making some kuih keria shall we...

Anyway if its my time...I hope you forgive me Dear Lord, I hope you forgive me dear family and friends. I hope we'll meet again in the Eternal life. Amin

I'm being realistic. 

Every soul shall taste death (Quran)