Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why do I leave?

Um wait...Why do I transfer myself here...?


Here am I, writing in a totally new horizon, Alhamdulillah due to all prayers from all, due to unconditional love from the Creator, I am Here...in London, United Kingdom. 13 hours far from my home sweet home, 7 hours different from home.

I've been always be the baby of the family, well I think, I'm tough, but I've been always near my parents. Never been really far from home.

Sipping the air here, thinking...Why am I here? Why do I have to go...so far...to complete my ACCA? when I can get the same...in UiTM, one hour away from home.

Then I kept on thinking...and God reminds us in a very unique way...I was in class, and I enjoyed seeing other people, different race, different religion, the challenge to make new friends, to actually commute one hour using public transport in a wild and big city just to go to class, and not to mention, lost in a big busy city, yet, I still can laugh and smile, "I've gone through and adventure today!". To come back home, as a better person.

To come here and appreciate what Allah swt created for us, to realize... the world is so beautiful...lets...explore... Not saying that Malaysia is not good enough...it is just...the feelings...are different.

Richmond Park (Deer park)

to jump out my comfort zone, and try...and...explore...take the risk.

May Allah Ease for me....
Lets Finisih ACCA in this one year!

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