Friday, August 23, 2013


All of us has gone through the bittersweet of life. Sometimes we wish we could just flush it down the toilet,  and move on with life.

Truth is, life is not that easy. Unless you had a concussion or permanent brain demage, nauzubillah.

Well, let's take it this way, let's just accept it as it is. Let's take it as something that has made us today. Even if someone else's brought back the story, we could just be cool about it and smile.

Thinking, yeah, it's in the past, and I'm okay with it. Without having a hard time wishing it never happened. Or wishing we were wiser, back then.

It's okay, things are alright and it will be better.

Well oh well, life is an ongoing learning process. We need just be open to accept our mistakes and be wise enough to notice our mistakes.

Love yourself. Xoxo.

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