Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jika boleh

If I can go turn back the time and bring all the books I bought to read. Gosh. The books. Should go and buy new stocks of books that can inspire me!

Anyway happy daddy day to my one and only Ayah. I still remember the fights we had....just because I wish I could be a better daughter to mama and ayah. I know this distance would give extra strength to my relationship with mama and ayah.

When I'm away only then I had realized  that you have sacrificed so much. You cooked our favorite dish when u have d time. You would cook lunch before you leave to work. You fetched me from shah alam almost every time and you even came to me although you are on your journey back to bangi. I could count how many times i wrnt back by train. Which is.... less than 5 times?

 I know there would be no daddy would do it for us. In bad times in good times.... we have survived.

Thank you for marrying mama 34 years ago on your first day of university.  Thank you for giving the name Mardhiah. In syaa Allah I will try to be like one.

Mama Ayah...forever will missing you and I cant stop loving you. Wont be the perfect daughter. But in syaa Allah lets try to be better so we can meet again in the Garden of Paradise. 

Much love.
Your daughter that talk non stop like a radio :-D

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