Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seeds of Change Pt 2


The conference began with a quran recitation and followed by the  speech by Br. Abu Hafsah Abdul Malik Clare, a canadian I supposed.

He is a very special guy because Allah has reserved his ability to see until he is in the Paradise.

He promised to electrify us.

Breaking the Barriers -Whats stppping you?

In da'wah, in inviting people to Islam.

1. Our intention?  This is so rational.  Because most of us has the thinking of not doing something because we are afraid that out intention is not pure. But... if there's no action there's no intention.  Perhaps its just the whispers from the iblis. Purify our intention,  seek help from Allah. Dont be scared until there's no action done.

2. Cultural issues.  Some culture don't encourage women to speak out, to share, to do da'wah. Break the barrier.

3. Shyness. Practice,  work within it. Perhaps if we are too shy, we can write our da'wah and remain anonymous. 

4. Knowledge. I am no scholar! You dont need to be one. You just need to keep on learning:)

5. People may not respond to me :( its okay... when there' a 'no', there will be a 'yes'.

He electrified us. He electrified us with His quran recitation.  MashaAllah. Too beautiful. I literally pictured in my mind the mountains, the waterfall. As calm as I am listening to kitaro.

May Allah bless you brother.
And may we use our eyesights in a proper way. Allahu musta'an.

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