Monday, June 17, 2013

Mama kata

Mama kata....
Dalam hidup ni, kena berdikari.
Have your own source of income and learn to be on your own. Dont be too attached or rely 100% on other people, even if you are married.

Bukan nak cakap orang lain tak boleh harap. Tapi...dunia sekarang, terlampau banyak komitmen.

In this modern world, too much things need to be prepared. Things you need to have, things you want to have.

And... perhaps... you just to have your own source of income to give back to our parents and those in needs.

Yes. I'm gonna step outside and realise the things I have planned. May Allah ease.

Missing home. Can't sleep. 

Missing the babies, audrina and his uncle ayie.

Lets just close the eyes and enjoy tomorrow!

Salam sayang dari London.

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